Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More Links

I just found an archive of some very cool audio interviews at Comic Geek Speak -

check out the full list here

Here are some personal picks from the list (though I have yet to listen to all of these):

Mark Bagley - had a damn fine run on Amazing Spiderman in the 90's

Gene Colan - a Marvel legend

Joe Kubert - another comic art legend. Quite possibly best known for Sgt. Rock

Erik Larsen - for me, Erik Larsen just might be the definitive Spider-man artist. It was during his run on Amazing that I really started paying attention to comics.

Stan Lee - The Man, himself. 'Nuff said.

Paul Pope - see my previous post for more Paul Pope links

• Dave Sim interview #1
• Dave Sim interview #2

About a year or two ago I read Cerebus straight through in its entirety. I think you should too.

Walt Simonson - The Mighty Thor

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