Monday, November 12, 2007

Mike Mignola: Pre-Hellboy

Dig some of Mike Mignola's work from the days before Hellboy!

The Incredible Hulk
#307, 1985 (cover)

Batgirl Special #1, 1988 (cover)

Cosmic Odyssey #1 of 4, 1989 (cover and story art)

Marvel Comics Presents: Cyclops #20, 1989 (cover)

Wolverine: The Jungle Adventure, 1989/1990 (cover and story art)

Dark Horse Comics #2, 1992 (cover)

Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #54, 1993 (cover and story art)

Actually... I think this book came out just months after Hellboy's debut...

Program for 2007 Baltimore Comic Con (cover)
post-Hellboy, obviously... from this past September...

and the man himself, Mike Mignola speaking at the 2007 Baltimore Comic Con

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Wordballoon Interview Podcast site here

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