Friday, May 9, 2008

Now...which of these belong to you...already?

Mystery Tales #40, the comic book from last night's episode of 'Lost,' featured some of Steve Ditko's first work for Atlas Comics (Marvel's precursor).

The titles of stories in this anthology comic fit into 'Lost' too perfectly-
"The Hidden Land!"
"The Voice of Warning!"
"The Travelers""Crossroads of Destiny!"
"Sammy's Secret!"
"The Silent Stranger"
"March Has 32 Days"

In an early 'Lost' episode, Locke describes the rules of backgammon with a statement that doubles as his world view- "One side is light, and one side is dark." I'm sure Ditko would appreciate that sentiment.


Update 05.27.08- Page by page scans and analysis of the issue are now available at

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Anonymous said...

I do appreciate that. Thank you, Jashar. DITKO, AWAAAY!