Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cannon comes back for Moore

Zander Cannon's rough layout with Todd Klein's lettering

Top 10 lives! I haven't read any official announcement for "Top 10 season 2" but artist Gene Ha states, "I've started work on writer [and layout artist] Zander Cannon's new Top 10 series. My run will be at least four issues." Letterer Todd Klein confirms that it's been in the works since 2006 on his blog. This is exciting stuff- I'm glad to hear that the original team is back working on the book (sans Alan Moore, of course).

I never read it but the Top 10 mini-series without the original creative team always seemed a bit sacrilegious to me.

TOP 10 SEASON TWO #3 (OF 4), art by Gene Ha
Update 09.21.08- Thanks to Gene Ha for directing me to the DC comics page for Top 10 season 2! Can't wait for October 1st! I'm still stunned that a bigger deal hasn't been made yet...


Gene Ha said...

Here's the official announcement!:

It also includes some art previews. What you have in your post is Zander's rough layout and preliminary lettering, along with Todd's final lettering on top.

jashar said...

Thanks, Gene! I'm really excited to hear you're returning to Neopolis.

Yeah, I realized that wasn't your final art in the post- I should've credited it to Zander.

Thanks for commenting- I've been a fan since "The Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix."