Sunday, June 28, 2009

We're A Sloppy Illustration

To some extent I've always dug Rob Zombie's artwork, but this Ramones illustration has always bothered me. For one, the likenesses are pretty damn terrible. Recognizable as Ramones, but still terrible. Not sure if that was intentional...

Anyway, what bothers me even more is this: Why does the Joey cretin have his left shoulder growing out of his head?

I understand that he was trying to capture Joey's trademark slouch, and I see the obvious ode to Rat Fink, but even for fantastical, exaggerated anatomy this is bad.

His neck would not be showing in a slouch!
His arm would not be growing outta the side of his head!
And his hair would not be wrapped under his arm like that!

I wonder if all this was something done after the fact, in an attempt to capture the pose without re-drawing it?

I just did a quick cover-up for my own sanity:

Still awful. But then again the CD itself is awful, too. U2 and Pearl Jam? Sacrilege.

Update: I totally forgot that this comp has a great cover by Tom Waits on it. If you pick this album up, it is surely for that one song alone.

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