Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Happy Birthday, Jack!

My all-time favorite Kirby cover, Kamandi #10 (October 1973):

Another favorite... it's so weird... Strange Tales #143 (April 1966):
[Don't mind the polybag glare!]

The following are Kirby images that I swiped from other sites so long ago that I can't properly credit them. Sorry.

This next image is the original rear cover artwork for the Fantastic Four Treasury - I swiped this one from www.romitaman.com, I think...

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Kirby: King of Comics here

and if you have some more dough to blow, check out original (Kirby) comic art at Romita Man here

Kamandi here

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Isaac said...

I think that issue of Kamandi was my favorite single issue of any comic when I was growing up. Or it was a close second to the "Battle of the Id" issue of Mr. Miracle.