Monday, August 13, 2007

Mike Wieringo (1963- 2007)

'Ringo was one of my favorite contemporary comic book artists. He had classic runs on Flash, Spider-man, and Fantastic Four. He broke out on "Flash- The Fastest Man Alive" in 1993. His first issue of that series (#80) was also the first Flash comic I ever bought. Having just started collecting comics (and it being the 90's), I most likely picked it up due to the embossed cover but 'Ringo's artwork is what brought me back the next month and the following months. His last published series was "Spider-man and the Fantastic Four" miniseries.

The above image is the last drawing posted in his daily sketch blog. The post was titled "Just a Quick One Today."

More info on his passing here.

His best-known collaborators and peers remember Mike Wieringo here and here.

Cover gallery of Ringo's recent Marvel work here.

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