Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spoils of NY Comic Con: TMNT Art by Jim Lawson

This past weekend at NY Comic Con I was fortunate enough to meet the whole Mirage Studios gang, whose TMNT comics have always been an inspiration (and an addiction of mine.) Jim Lawson is "King of the Turtle Comics" as far as I'm concerned, and I still can't believe I was able to pick up some of his originals at the show...

"Tales of Leonardo #1: Blind Sight" Cover Art by Jim Lawson:

"Tales of Leonardo #2: Blind Sight" Page 25 art by Jim Lawson:

"TMNT (Volume 4) #25" Page 11 art by Jim Lawson:

The scanner is down so this one may be hard to see...
Jim said this page was actually output to print without having to ink it...

From "The Catch" (not sure which issue this is) Page 30 art by Jim Lawson:

And Jim Lawson can be seen here, very briefly, in that ol' TMNT documentary from 1991
Behind The Shells
- Look for him around 2:30 in:

Some info on Jim Lawson here
History of Mirage Studios here
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Official Site

(A big thanks to the Kidrobot kids Sara and Nitin for a rad weekend at the con!)

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