Monday, April 21, 2008

Sunday @ New York Comic Con

Peter Laird

Laird, Jim Lawson and Steve Lavigne signed the only copy of Planet Racers seen at the con

Joe Sinnott, Dick Ayers and Irwin Hasen

Costumes: Jessica Drew Spider-Woman, Ben Reilly Spider-Man, anime character (Battle for the Planets?) and the obligatory Storm Trooper

Keith Giffen

signed by Giffen and Kevin Maguire

Jack Kirby's Fourth World Series II (Superman's head even looks like it was redrawn by Curt Swan!)

Grant Morrison gets swarmed at the DC booth

The Incredible Hulk

Peter David and Jason Aaron (no last names allowed at this table)

signed by David

All Star Batman and All Star Superman Toys

JLU toyline continues to expand

signed by Louise Simonson

behind the scenes at The Stack

Through the looking glass: Mike Mignola and Mike Richardson

signed by Bryan Hitch

signed by Steve McNiven and Dexter Vines

Surprisingly, the most surreal sight of the day wasn't at the New York Comic Con...

(special thanks to Sara for the passes!)

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